Sandrin Knives with Staysharp™ Technology

StaySharp™ Technology - The Ultimate Edge Retention

Our Flexible Tungsten Carbide Blades will stay sharp longer than any other knife due to the unique properties of the blade material.  Our proprietary technology allows us to create knives that are a hardness of 71 HRC while still remaining flexible and not brittle.  Don’t believe us?  Watch how our original TCK holds up against other knives in a head to head cutting contest.  Nothing lasts forever, but this comes close!

Our Story

I am a second generation artisan from a family where we have dedicated our entire craft to the engineered material tungsten carbide. Our slogan for two generations has been “exceeding carbide technology” as our family has found ways continually to push the limits of this remarkable material. Day in and day out, we craft some of the most precise tungsten carbide components ever created by man. Our company -Turmond s.p.a. – works in the shadows for many industries to make possible many products that affect your life

Sandrin Knives are finished with the kind of precision and expertise that only comes with 40 years of experience in grinding carbide and with the knowledge, experience and passion passed along from my father. Neither steel or ceramic, these knives are the perfect combination of hardness and strength whose extraordinary precision can be measured to light band tolerances. With an outstanding hardness of HRC 71, simply put, they’re nothing short of the hardest and most durable knife blades that have ever been made.

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