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Carbide Cigar Cutter

Carbide Cigar Cutter


Delivery time on Carbide Cigar Cutter: 30-60 days


The sharpest ever entirely made tungsten carbide Sandrin cigar cutter is a result of 45 years in the making of the best industrial blades in the world.

With a total perfect fine machining made in Italy for the aficionado who pays attention to the highest precision cuts for all cigars, the 25.4mm cutter cuts up to a 64 ring gauge.

The Guillotine blade will go through any cigar perfectly leaving a cut never seen before.

An elegant black leather cover provides optimum protection.

Sandrin Carbide Cigar Cutter is a must for worldwide aficionados!


Product Length [in] 4.33" ( 110 mm )
Product height [in] .27” ( 7 mm )
Product Width [in] 1.57" ( 40 mm )
Max Cut Size Diameter 64 ( 25.4 mm )
Blade Weight : 250 grams / 8.81 oz
Material : tungsten carbide
Hardness : 74 HRC